The Benidorm Bar Crawl

6 Hours, 6 Pubs, Free Drink, Games & Prizes What are you waiting for get out & enjoy yourself.

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Benidorm Bar Crawl

The Paradise Beach Party

Benidorm Beach Party

Have you tried space hopper races in the sand, tried to paddle on Childrens inflatables?

Club-it BenidormBenidorm Map

Below is a map of quite a few bars and restaurants, all of which we can recomend to you as good places to eat and drink. This map of Benidorm only has a few of the major hotels marked on so visit The Benidorm Map website for a comprehensive Benidorm hotel map. The Benidorm Map also has plenty of useful information on Benidorm and it's pubs, restaurants, shops and services.

Map Of Benidorm

1. HeartBreak
2. Terrace Bar
3. Village Pub
4. Churchills
5. Yorkshire Pride
6. Wooky Hollow I
7. Roosters Restaurant
8. Magic Roundabout Restaurant
9. Wooky Hollow II
10. Lucky's
11. The Shamrock Irish Pub
12. Chaplins
13. Red Dog
14. Buddies Bar
15. The Square
16. Tikki Beach
17. Loch Ness
18. Jokers
19. Black Chicken
20. Ray's Fish & Chips
21. Indoor Market
22. Gallowgate
23. Woody's
24. Subway Restaurant
25. Triangle Pub
26. White Horse Pub
27. The Plaza Pub
28. Drop Inn
29. Queen Mary
30. The Cavern
31. Pavis's Little Belfast
32. Tropical